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Text Sets Are: books, charts, maps, videos, poems, songs, pamphlets, images, quotes, art prints, speeches, interviews, letters, magazines, websites, primary source documents

Thematic Teaching: tying a theme across the curriculum and classroom

Why use Text Sets?

  • Increases students comprehension
  • Exposed to authentic texts
  • Make cross-text connections
  • Supports multiple abilities and reading proficiencies
  • Builds and activates prior knowledge
  • Increases engagement levels by sustaining interest
  • Provides flexibility with limited resources

Connects to CCSS

Organizing Text Sets

  • Think about what you could use BEFORE, AS, and AFTER they read a main text
  • Remain flexible enough to modify the texts based on the needs and interest of students


Consider your students in building your sets, rather than pick up a book manufacturers CCSS themed packs
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