Constitution and Bylaws

Click on the link to view the constitution and bylaws of the Kent Reading Council in a printable pdf form.

Constitution and Bylaws of the

Kent Council of the International Reading Association


NAME The name of this organization shall be Kent Reading Council served by Kent County.



Section 1 – Nature : The Kent Reading Council shall be a professional organization of individuals concerned with the improvement of reading.

Section 2 – Purposes: The purposes of the council shall be:

1. To enhance and improve the professional development of literacy educators.

2. To improve the quality of reading/language arts at all levels.

3. To sponsor seminars and meetings planned to implement the purposes of the Council.

4. To promote mutual understanding and supportive participation among educators, community members, and parents concerning issues related to literacy.



Section l Eligibility: Membership in the council shall be open to all persons engaged in the teaching or supervision of reading at any school level, to parents, and to all others interested in the purposes ofthe council.

Section 2 Active Members: Membership in the Council shall become effective upon payment of council dues for the ñscal year beginning July 1 and ending June 30.

Section 3 Council Dues: Dues for annual membership in the Council shall be set by the Executive Board.

Section 4 – IRA Membership: A council shall be in good standing and entitled to representation at the meeting of the International Reading Association Delegated Assembly if at least 10 members have paid dues to the Association for the current year.

Section 5 – IRA Dues and MRA Dues Membership in the International Reading Association and the Michigan Reading

Association is strongly recommended, Dues to these organizations will be paid by the Council for the Executive Board.



Section 1 – The elected­ of the Council shall be President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Any member in good standing who is also a member of the international Reading Association is eligible to be an officer of the council.

Section 2 – Term of The term of President shall be one (1) year. The term of President-Elect shall be one (I) year. He/she then automatically succeeds to the office of President. The term of Vice-President shall be one (1) year. At the end of one year, the Vice-President shall automatically succeed to President-Elect. The term of Treasurer and the term of Secretary shall be three (3) years; these terms shall not expire concurrently.

Section 3 – Time of Assuming Office: Each officer shall assume The duties of his/her on July l following the election and shall continue to serve for the of the term,

Section 4 – Duties of the President: The President acts as the Executive officer of the Council and is ultimately responsible for council success. The President leads the Board in achieving Council’s goals; sets agendas, convenes and presides at Board and Council meetings; appoints most committee chairs (with advice from the Board); and serves as the primary Contact and spokesperson for the Council. The President builds and empowers the Board to achieve positive action and growth for the Council.

o Renew membership in the International Reading Association, state/provincial association, and local.

o Thoroughly review Council By-Law, highlighting Critical points.

o Know your IRA Council number and your Tax ID number.

o Assess the Council.

o Order necessary supplies for your Council from lRA Headquarters.

o Review contents of the Council packet sent from IRA Headquarters.

o Review duties of all officers and committee charges, Update if necessary. Add or eliminate committees as necessary,

o Review all organizational policies. n Review budget records to determine your counciïs financial status.

o Review previous goals and ouûine proposed goals for consideration by the Board.4

o Schedule all Board meetings to be held during your term of office,

o Attend your state/provincial leadership workshop and! or plan Executive Board retreat.

o Write President’ s column for the newsletter. o Attend and preside over all Executive Committee and Board meetings.

o Send letters of appreciation to all officers, chairs, and others who have actively supported the Council and your efforts at the end of your term.

o Meet with the incoming President to review status of projects/activities. Transfer records to the incoming President when your term is completed. O Attend your state/provincial conferences.

o Monitor committees by periodically contacting all committee chairs: provide direction and assistance where needed and conñrm deadlines. (This duly may be delegated to the President-Elect or Vice-Presidenti)

o Respond to requests from IRA Headquarters with names and addresses of IRÃ members chosen to represent your Council at the Delegate’s Assembly during the IRA convention.

o Confer With the nominating committee chair to confirm presentation of slate by the deadline.

o Notify state/provincial President of Council meetings.

Section 5 Duties of the President-Elect: The President-Elect performs the duties of the President in the absence, resignation, or incapacity of the president.This ofñcer also chairs the program committee and develops a plan for meetings and acïivitíes during the year.

o Renew your membership in the International Readìng Association, your state/provincial associaúon and your local Council,

o Meet with the President to review your role and that of the of the President. Add or delete responsibilities as necessary.

o Attend your state leadership conference

o Attend all Executive Committee and Board meetings.

o Co-Chair the program committee with the Vice-President and develop a year long plan for meetings.

o Assist the Vice-President in prepańng program publicity.

o Attend all Council programs and state conferences.

o Assist the President in any duties deemed necessary by the President.

o Prepare a tentative budget on Council programs for the following year.

o Moot with the outgoing President review accomplishments, obtain suggestions for the following year.

Section 6 – Duties of the Vice-President: The Vice-President Will assist the President-Elect in all duties and also handlê the Council program publicity.

Renew your membership in the International Reading Association, your state/provincial association and your local Council,

Attend the MRA leadership workshop and other leadership training meetings.

0 Attend all Executive Committee and Board meetings.

o Moìlitor special projects as assigned.

o Develop promotional materials for upcoming projects in conjunction with the Vice President.

o Co-chair the program conmlíttee with the President-Elect.

o Promote membership in the local Council, MRA, and ïRA.

o Assist the President and the President-Elect as requested.

Section 7 – Duties of the Secretary: The Secretary corresponds for and among council members, as well as obtains and maintains accurate records of council business.

o Renew your membership in the International Reading Association, your state/provincial association and your local Council.

o Attend your annual statelprovíncial leadership conference.

o Attend all Council Board meetings and report on all correspondences sent and received.

o Write and send Council correspondence as directed by the President.

o Maintain copies of all correspondence.

o Keep copies of all correspondence and conference programs.

o Send copies of By-Law revisions, goals, newsletters, activities, and announcements to the MRA Headquarters.

o Attend and record all business ofthe Board meetings.

o Send the most recent minutes, the agenda, and notice of the next meeting to all Board members and committee chairsA

o Maintain a file of all committee reports.

o Provide background on previous decisions and assignments as needed.

Section 8 – Duties of the Treasurer: The Treasurer maintains accurate ñnancíal records and executes sound ñscal management of the Council

o Renew your membership in the International Reading Association, your state/provincial association and your local Council` O Update and transfer ñnancial record to the incoming Treasurer at the end of the term of oñice. Assist the incoming Treasurer in developing the proposed budget for the coming year.

o Maintain custody of, deposit, and disburse Council funds. O Obtain or update bonding policy.

o Update bank record to reflect current ofñcers and authorized signatures, and accurate Tax Identification Number.

o Collect money due the Council.

o Maintain accurate, up-to date records of income and expenditures.

o Sign checks.

o Attend all Board meetings and report on the status of the Council treasure, income and expenditures. Prepare a written report for distribution.

o Become familiar with and explain current fiscal policies to Board members. o Prepare and distribute budget request forms to all incoming oñicers and Chairs for the following year.

o Compile an updated budget and submit it for adoption by the Board after reviewing all requests for money.

o Completà and return IRS Form 990 as requested.

o Provide ñnancial record for ldle annual audit, if necessary.

o Attend your annual state/provincial Workshop.

Section 9 – Duties of the Past President – The Past President, building on immediate past experience as a Council serves as a valuable resource to Council leaders and provides continuity the Council leadership changes.

o your membership in your local Council.

o Attend all Executive Committee and Board meetings.

o Chair the nominating committee.

o introduce the new officers at the last Council meeting.

o Serve on or chair other committees (as requested by the President).

o Attend Council programs and the state conference.

o Serve as Honor Council committee chair, so that all Council officers are members of the International Reading Association and the Michigan Reading Association.



Section l Function The Executive Board shall exercise general supervision and control over the property and affairs of the council shall decide all questions involving cooperation with other professional organizations, and shall supervise the execution of approved policies. In the interval between meetings of the members of the Council, the Executive Board shall have authority over the property and affairs of the Council and shall take such actions as are necessary and proper to facilitate the purposes of the Council, within the powers delegated by the By-Laws,

Section 2 – Composition The Executive Board shall consist ofthe President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, The President shall serve as Chairman of the Executive Board.

Section 3 Meetings – The Executive Board shall be empowered t0 hold such meetings, on the call of the President, as it shall deem necessary, and at such times and places as the President may determine; however, it shall hold not less than two meetings per year. The meeting of the Executive Board for the ensuing ñscal year shall be held no later than August 3 l.

The President is authorized t0 Consult the Executive Board by mail, e-mail, or telephone concerning important decisions which must be made between meetings.

Section 4 Quorum – Three (3) members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.



Section l Composíúon: The assembly shall consist of the Executive Board and all other members ofthe council.

Section 2 – Meetings: There shall be at least three (3) meetings of the Council membership annually.

Section 3 f Quorum: A quorum shall consist of 20% of all those eligible to vote in the assembly.

Section 4 Amendments to the Bylaws: The assembly of Kent Reading Council shall have the power to amend these bylaws as Provided in Article X1



Section 1 Election: A11 ofûoers shall be elected at the final general membership meeting. It shall be the responsibility of Past President to prepare a slate of ofñcers to submit to the Executive Board. Each nominee must be a member of the International Reading Association.

Section 2 Mode of Election: The President shall give an opportunity to propose nominations from the floor for each ofâce after the slate has been presented including a short vita of each nominee. Voting shall be by ballot. Space shall be provided on the ballot form for the names of candidates nominated from the floor. A plurality of the votes cast shall constitute an election. In case of a tie, a ballot nanúng the nominees tied for most votes shall then be distributed. The results of the election shall then be announced

Section 3 – Reporting: The president shall be responsible for reporting the newly elected officers to IRA headquarters via the state/provincial coordinator, using the oflîcial forms provided by the International Reading Association by the date specified on the form.

Section 4 – Term of Each elected shall assume the duties of office on July l following the election and shall continue to serve for the duration of the term set in Article IV, Section 2.



Section 1 The committees of the Association shall consist of standing committees as specíñc hereinafter and special committees. All committees shall transmit their recommendations to the Executive Board unless otherwise specified.

Section 2 – Standing Committees: There shall be such standing committees as speciñed in Sections 2 through 12 of this article.

Section 3 Number of Standing Committees: The number of standing committees may be increased or decreased upon the recommendation of the Executive Board.

Section 4 Number of Members of Standing Committees.’ The number of members of each standing committee shall be determined by the Executive Board, provided that each committee shall not have fewer than three (3) members.

Section 5 Mode of Appointment and Terms of Standing Committees: The members of the standing committees shall be appointed by the president with the approval of the Executive Board.

Section 6 – Chairperson of Standing Committees: The chairperson of each standing committee shall be appointed yearly by the president with the approval of the Executive Board and shall serve for the term of the president unless otherwise speciñed in the charge to the committee.

Section 7 – Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall be made up of all current ofücers and will perform the duties of Executive Board.

Section 8 – Budget Committee (Finance) will examine the income and draft the annual budget.

Section 9 – Bylaws Committee will review the bylaws and policy manual, make recommendations for revisions, and oversee the bylaws amendment process as outlìxged in the councils current bylaws.

Section 10 Membership Committee will plan comprehensive membership Campaigns that encompass the local state and international levels.

Section 11 – Nominating Committee will recommend a slate of nominees for according to the bylaws of the Council.

Section 12 Program Commítœe will plan programs to be conducted during the year.

Special Committees:

Section 13 – Special Committees: Special Committees may be authorized by Ñ the Executive Board or members at a council meeting and shall serve for a speciñed period. There shall be such special committees as speciñed in Section 13 through 19 of this article.

Section 14 – Number of Members of Special Committees; The number of members of each special Committee may be determined by the Executive Board or members at a council meeting, The number of members shall not be less than three (3).

Section 15 – Mode of Appointment of Special Committees: The members and chaírpersons of special committees shall be appointed by the president with the approval ofthe Execuïive Board and/or members at a council meeting.

Section 16 Awards Committee will plan and monitor all award programs conducted by the council.

Section 17 – Family Literacy Committee (Rock and Read) will plan programs and projects that promote family literacy, offer parents Ways to help their children be more effective readers.

Section 18 – International Projects/Committee will administer projects and programs designed to promote literacy outside the United States.

Section 19 – Young Readers’ or Writers’ Committee will involve students in acúvíties that further their interest in, and development of, reading and Writing skills.



Section l – Representation Annual IRA Assembly: representation of the council at the Delegates Assembly of the International Reading Association shall be in accordance with the Bylaws of the International Reading Association as specified in the current International Reading Association Bylaws, which reads as follows:

“Each local council in good standing of 10-50 members who have paid current dues to the (International Reading) Association shall be entitled to one delegate and an additional delegate for each 50 additional members who have paid current dues to the Association. One person may represent only one council in the Assembly. A council may send an alternate for each delegate; an alternate may vote only when the delegate is absent.

Section 2 – Representaïíon Annual State Assembly: representation of the Council at the annual state assembly shall be in accordance with that specified by the bylaws of the state Council.



In case of the dissolution of this council, any assets remaining after paying or making provision for the payment of all liabilities of the council shall revert to the International Reading Association.



Section l – Origin: Amendments to the bylaws shall be proposed by the Executive Board or by members in good standing in the Council All proposed amendments shall be sent to International Reading Association Headquarters for approval before presenting them to the members for adoption.

Section 2 – Voting: The proposed amendment shall be acted upon by the Executive Board.

Section 3 – Incorporation: Amendments adopted by this method be incorporated into these bylaws. Copies of all amendments shall be sent immediately to IRA Headquarters and to the state president.


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